Once upon a time

Photography installation 2011

I made photographs of my grandparents who survived the Holocaust. A technical error happened when I digitalized analogical tape. Thanks to an accident some fragment of the above photography transferred to lower-level image. Thus created effect of human thoughts with residues of memory.

photo grandparents
photo grandparents
photo grandparents
photo grandparents

Why is this night different from all other nights?

video art 2010

At the Seder, a Jewish tradition special Passover family meal, foods of symbolic significance commemorating the Hebrews' liberation are eaten, and prayers and traditional recitations are performed.

This video is the attempt of reflection on the sense of ritual in the modern context. The mirror image effect emphasizes the dual status symbol and reality. And as a consequence, traditional dishes and eating transforming to entirely new objects.

passover objects image

Installation plan includes created objects

Land of Milk and Honey

video art 2009

An ironic look on our society where products are taken for granted.
Screened at group exhibition Glocal art, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy.

Anatomical furniture

Project 2007

A series of developments of anatomical machines that replicate the natural human action. These mechanical structures produce the same movement, such as banging your head against a table or shifting your legs one over the other.

anatomical machines
anatomical machines